Newsday Tuesday – A New Klepto Cat Mystery

Book 24, Cats in the Belfry, is available at Amazon in print form now. The Kindle book will follow in a few weeks. Sorry about that, but my formatter is traveling and I know she’ll get it ready for you just as soon as she can.

Here’s the skinny on the new story: Rags goes a paw beyond in solving this mystery. Savannah and Margaret take on a large cat colony at an abandoned seminary. With Rags’s help, they find more than cats in the belfry. Is it real or simply illusion? No one knows for sure, even after Rags is attacked by something from above, a body is discovered, and Rags and Savannah are held captive. Will an evening in the bell tower shed some light on the chilling mystery?

Order your copy here:

Thank you Bernadette Kazmarski for the great cover art!


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