Newsday Tuesday – Fascinating Cat Stories in the News


The Huffington Post loves cats and I love to peruse their site in search of interesting cat news stories for you. Here’s a rundown on some stories they’re running right now.

Read about the veterinarian in Dublin who’s advertising for professional cat cuddlers. What a fun job that would be. But he only wants people with “cattitude.”

How would you like to work or volunteer at a kitten nursery? In San Diego, the Humane Society has opened one—in fact it’s open 24-hours part of the year—and they hire 20 staff members to feed and love on the kittens and around 200 volunteers.

In Japan, there’s a company that pays employees to adopt cats—yes, they actually pay the equivalent of $45/month. And they even allow—maybe encourage—employees to bring their cats to work. At present, there are about 9 cats wandering and lounging around with the staff every day.

One of the inspirations for cats used in the stories.

There’s the story of the little black cat who was nowhere to be found after a house fire. Two months later, the family dog—a good friend of the cat—drew the family’s attention to a sound in the floorboards of the damaged home and there they found their beloved cat—malnourished, but alive.

In Charlotte, NC, a family gave their cat quite a party when she turned 15. They made it a Quinceanera. Dressed in a designer dress and wearing a crown, Luna was the star of probably the biggest party ever thrown for a cat.

Read these stories and more here:

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