Thursday – How do I Love My Cat—Let me Count the Ways

Here’s proof again, that cats prefer us to food. They actually did a study using 50 cats from homes as well as shelters. They put the cats in a room away from people, food, toys–everything. When they brought the cats out, the researchers offered all of their favorite things to the cats and guess what most of them were most interested in. People—interacting with people. Here’s the link.

As a sweet bonus, here are ten photos of cats showing affection. So cute.

And what is the best way to show your cat that you love her? Tap into this link and get some ideas. Did you know, for example, that there is a whisker relief bowl for cats? Have you ever even heard of whisker fatigue? Evidently it’s uncomfortable for cats to eat or drink from a bowl when their whiskers rub against the sides of it. Experts are recommending bowls where their whiskers don’t touch the sides. I thought cats could pull their whiskers back while eating. That’s just one thing you’ll learn when you visit this site.

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