Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats in the Most Unexpected Places

I came across this story in the New York Times about foreign bureau-cats—cats that foreign news correspondents take in for companionship while on assignment for months or years in Iraq, Kabul, Baghdad, Cairo and other places around the world. It’s a heartwarming piece with lovely photos. You’ll want to read it—read it to your cat, too.

Some call this a phenomenon and some consider it a tradition to fill the void experienced when so far from home in unfamiliar and sometimes unfriendly environments with the company of a cat. It does a person good and it certainly does the cat good. Here’s the story: https://nyti.ms/2rK9l4p

And another story was brought to my attention yesterday. Evidently there’s a new concept known as adventure catting where people include their cats in their adventures. In fact, it is so prevalent that Laura J. Moss has written a book called Adventure Cats.

I told my friend who shared this story with me that I think Rags (the cat featured in my Klepto Cat Mystery series) is on the cutting edge of this story. He’s one adventurous cat, but he’s never—yet—experienced some of the adventures in this story.

The writer asks, why should dogs have all the fun. And she has featured a cat who goes rock-climbing with her favorite person almost every weekend. A cat in Wisconsin goes paddle boarding—you’ll see a picture of this in the article. A cat in Michigan hikes along with his people and a German Shepherd. Here’s a link to that story. You’ll even get some tips for how to harness-train your cat. https://apnews.com/d6c8df5db0ed4a1d97141b701458d4c7/Why-should-dogs-have-all-the-fun?-Try-adventure-catting


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