Mindful Monday – Is Your Cat an Adventurer?

Smokey, the inspiration for this series

How daring is your cat? Does he have access to the great out-of-doors? Does he disappear for hours at a time only to return with a lizard gift for you or smelling of mint or jasmine or something funky like barbecue smoke or maybe tomato plants? (Love the scent of tomato plants.) Do you know where your cat goes every day? Do neighbors report that they’ve seen him visiting with their children, playing with their dog, climbing their tree, trotting down the street toward the fish market? How adventurous is your cat, anyway?

Rags, the star of my Klepto Cat Mystery books, is definitely an adventurer. He has escaped, been catnapped, pawed a murderer in a line-up, rescued a child, saved an ill cat who had been stolen and abandoned, and so much more. Yes, Rags is an adventurer.

If you like reading about adventuring cats, you’ll love Laura Moss’s new book. Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest. It features cats who could be considered adventurers. For example, there’s a cat who surfs, one who has sailed to 16 countries, a cat who goes along with his owner when she cross-country skis. Read the interesting interview here: http://www.courant.com/features/pets/sc-adventure-cats-hike-surf-family-0523-20170518-story.html


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