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Miss Bella has good taste

Miss Bella has good taste

Meet Miss Bella. She is one of many cats who are enjoying Catscapades, True Cat Tales—especially when her “person,” Karen, drops treats on the cover.

Here’s what Karen says about her lovely girl:

“Miss Bella is a British Shorthair, hence the proper name, ‘Miss’ Bella! I adopted her from Forever Home Pet Rescue of Simi Valley, Calfiornia after meeting her brother at a pet adoption fair. A breeder had gone out of business and dumped nearly 100 cats on various rescue groups. Miss Bella was one of them! A volunteer came up to Santa Barbara to do a home check and brought along two kitties for me to meet. Miss Bella ended up running and hiding under the bed and we couldn’t get her out, so we had to adopt her!!! Since she had very little human contact during her 2 ½ years at the ‘kitty mill,’ she was shy about being petted and terrified of being picked up (which continues to this day). Even so, she was a sweet, calm kitty and she fit in from Day 1. She awakens me every morning by pulling the covers off my head and kissing my ear and then moves on to kiss my fingers. I wake up giggling every morning.”

Karen Stevens, founder of All for Animals

Editor’s note, Miss Bella no longer hides, even when strangers come to admire her. She has become a wonderful companion for Karen. It took Karen a while to decide to adopt another pet after her beautiful cat, Cassidy, died. Read the story of how Cassidy had been abandoned in a warehouse district in Santa Barbara, California and how Karen rushed to his rescue one rainy morning. This story is among over 40 in Catscapades, True Cat Tales.

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