Newsday Tuesday – Pet Pals

I love those little books and random stories about unlikely animal friends. There are even TV programs featuring animals who have chosen pals outside their species—a cat and a duck, for example, a pig and a horse, a dog and a monkey and on and on and on.

I think our kitty Lily would like to have a dog friend. She loves children—is attracted to them—but she also is fascinated by dogs. If someone comes in with a dog (always on a leash, of course), she will lurk a distance away, but so that the dog is within her view. If I visit with someone outside who has a dog with them, she peers out through the screen at the dog the entire time they’re here. My daughter’s Australian shepherd will creep up to the door to get a better look at Lily and maybe sniff her a little and Lily stays right there eager to get a closer look and a sniff of her own.

This week I got a poster in the mail from the Humane Society. It shows adorable kittens and puppies. I left it out for the cats to see and as you can see, Sophie was interested in making one of the puppy’s acquaintance.

In my Klepto Cat Mysteries, the star cat, Rags, has many animal friends. He has no boundaries when it comes to making friends—well, he can be pretty hard on a bad guy (or gal). But he warms up to most any animal who’ll let him, including dogs, other cats, and a horse. I haven’t exposed him to any wild animals or birds, yet. But maybe I will in the future.

Tomorrow—on Wild and Crazy Wednesday—I’ll reveal some of the snarky remarks I get from readers. You don’t want to miss this.


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