Mindful Monday – Is she a Calico or a Tortie?

Do you have a cat of many colors—a calico, perhaps, or a tortoiseshell? Maybe it’s a tabby with a little orange sprinkled into her fur pattern. How do you define this cat?

Sophie looks like a tortie—she’s black with orange flecks. Until she rolls over and reveals her calico tummy. There, you’ll see solid black and white patches. So is she a calico or a tortoiseshell cat? I guess technically, she’s a calico. But no one would believe it to look at her. She appears to be tortie through and through.

Lily is also difficult to define. She’s a light-colored tabby with a hint of orange here and

Lily is waiting patiently for the next book

there. Some say a dilute tabby. But isn’t a tabby’s fur basically just shades of black or grey or orange, and white stripes or swirls?

What is a pointed cat? This is a cat with light-colored fur and dark feet/legs, tail, and face. The “points” can also be mottled—like a tortie. Is there a tabby point? I know there’s a flame point—that’s when the points are red (orange).

What’s the most unusual cat color or color-combination you’ve seen? What’s your favorite cat color or breed?

Here’s are a website that discuss cat color. http://www.seregiontica.org/Colors/intro.htm

And if you don’t like the color of your cat, you can change it. I do not recommend this, but there are people who love dressing their animals and even changing their color to pink, purple, stripes or rainbow depending on their mood or the season. If you do this, be sure to use safe materials or you could end up with a very sick (not to mention embarrassed) cat.

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3 Responses to Mindful Monday – Is she a Calico or a Tortie?

  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    Lily and Sophie are both very cute, beautiful colors.

  2. Niah says:

    That’s not really fair to the cat don’t you think if you dye e cat😑

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Niah,

      I agree. Some people actually say that their pet likes to dress up or likes to be dyed. Although, I understand that the dye is safe to use on animals–it isn’t something I’d think they’d enjoy. And I wouldn’t think they’d appreciate walking around wearing purple and blue fur. I’m with you, Niah. I wouldn’t do it to my cat. Although, I did once make a cape for a young granddaughter and, since Lily (a kitten then) was her best friend and the two of them did everything together, I made one for Lily, too. Lily wasn’t thrilled, but she tolerated wearing it long enough for me to take a picture.


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