Thoughts for Thursday – Can Your Cat Predict the Weather?

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For centuries, people have relied on their farm animals to predict the weather. Some astute pet owners claim that their cat or dog shows very definite shifts in their behavior or mood when the weather is about to change—cats, in particular. Have you noticed changes in your cats before a weather event? It could be that your cat is telling you something. Here’s what some of the cat behavior people have noticed over the years: A cat will lay with all four paws under her when cold weather is coming. When a cat stares at a window for a long time, it could mean rain. When a cat scratches for a long time, it could mean warm weather is coming. When a cat sniffs the air for a long time, rain is on the way. When a lovable cat suddenly bites or hisses, it could mean that a storm is coming.

The concept of cats predicting weather dates back in history. In some cultures they even believed that cats could influence the weather. Sailors, in particular, studied the shipboard cats’ demeanor and actions in order to predict the weather.

Here’s an interesting site showing some of the ways that cats might predict weather and stories about cats and catastrophic weather conditions and other natural disasters.

Just when you think you’ve seen every conceivable cat involvement…did you know there are cat weather forecasters? Yes. You can download apps and get your weather from cats. At Weather Whiskers, for example, you get the complete furrcast.

If you’d like cute kitties with your weather, download Weather Kitty

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