Newsday Tuesday – Cats, Cats, and More Cats

Can you believe how popular cat videos and cat photos are these days? There are advertisements using cats and kittens—and these companies are not necessarily promoting pet products. My bank actually has an ad on the wall with a cute kitty in the picture.

Advertisers are using cats, I guess, for interest—because they are so popular—and cats make for a warm, cozy background for a company’s message. There’s even a car ad featuring dogs–where a dog family is traveling in a car with the dog dad at the wheel and the puppy in a car seat in the back. And we all remember one of the most popular Super Bowl ads where cowboys were trying to herd cats.

I walked through Target the other day and noticed more cat motifs on children’s and adult’s clothing than I’ve seen before. There are games involving cats, slot machines featuring cats, and cat-related books galore for children and adults. Hasbro has even introduced a cat in their Monopoly Game. As I understand it, the cat has replaced the iron. It’s about time!

I’ve talked before about the number of ordinary items that now come in cat shapes or that has a cat on it. This year for Christmas I received cat-face clips for closing chip bags, a set of cat shaped measuring cups, a leopard print purse, a blanket covered with cat faces, and two decorative pillows with cats.

Yesterday, someone sent me a picture of a cat curled up on top of a horse’s head. The cell phone is always handy for taking a shot of your own cat or a neighbor’s cat doing something cute or unusual. That fact alone, I imagine, is how the cute little cat clawed her way up to the top of the heap in entertainment.

Still at the bottom of the totem pole of respect are those who harm a cat in their attempt to get the shot or who tease a cat unmercifully and embarrass her. When I see a purported “cute” video of a cat trying to get out of a pillowcase or a box or jumping from great heights and landing on her feet (or not) I suspect that the cat isn’t being allowed to behave or react in typical cat fashion—someone is delighting in exploiting the cat and not in a kind way. Grrrrrr.

On a lighter note, recently, I stumbled across a fun site showing a reality show featuring cats. It’s called the Kattarshians—a play on the Kardashians.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. Enjoy!

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