Mindful Monday – Why Does My Cat Do That?

I’m beginning to think my torbie, Lily, can use telekinesis—that she has the ability to move things with her mind. Why? We call her our little decorator because she constantly moves her stuffed toys around the house when we aren’t looking. Rarely, do we actually see her with a toy in her mouth. So how do we know she’s the one lining up her stuffed moose, baby possum, tiny bear, itsy turtle, little bunny, etc. at my bedroom door during the night? How can we be sure she’s the one dropping her stuffed spider in the kitchen and cluttering up the hallway and my office with an array of her other stuffed toys?

Well, for one thing, during the day, she announces her arrival with the “gift”, but she drops it before we actually see her with it in her mouth. Is it a game she plays? Is Sophie-kitty keeping score and she gets points each time she moves a toy without being seen?

I’ve wanted to capture her in the act for years—yes years. I want a good photograph of her in action—with a stuffed toy in her mouth. Oh, I’ve managed to snap one such picture. Only one!—yet Lily is almost eight years old and she’s been doing this most of her life.

I lay in wait with my phone camera day after day during the time I know she’s most active with her “redecorating” activity and still miss the shot. If she knows I’m watching for her, she will not show up or she’ll bring a toy and drop it before I can snap the picture. She’s an expert at thwarting my attempt to photograph her. And I can’t figure out why it is as important to her that she not get caught as it is to me that I get that shot!

I don’t even quite understand why she carries things around in her mouth. Most of the time during the day, she brings the toys to me. At night, she surrounds me with them. So I guess these are gifts and I always thank her profusely when she drops baby moosie or little bunny or tiny lion at my feet. But one has to wonder, is she trying to show off her hunting prowess? Is she trying to teach me how to hunt? Or is she simply bringing me gifts? Does anyone else live amidst a clutter of cat toys? Do you know why your cat is constantly redecorating your house?

As you can see, I’ve managed to get a fuzzy picture of Lily with one of her toys. And pictures of her surrounded by the toys she’s scattered. One day, though, I will get that good shot I’m after—if I’m lucky.


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