Mindful Monday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

Lily talking up the Klepto Cat Mystery books

Lily talking up the Klepto Cat Mystery books

March should be a BIG month for Klepto Cat Mystery fans. I’m rewriting the first book in the series—Catnapped and I can’t wait to launch it. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Why? I’m toning it down to fit a little better into the Cozy Mystery genre. As it is, it’s just a tad racy and somewhat controversial. The story will stay pretty much the same with some toning down and a greater focus on the cats. I believe the story and characters will have more depth. I think it will be worth reading again.

We’re building a Klepto Cat Mystery website to make it easier for fans and other interested people to find us.

We’re planning to publish our first audio book. Now this is really big news–we’ll start with the new and improve Catnapped. So get your audio technology ready for a treat.

And we’ll finally launch Book 22. This one has hit some snags and it has gone back to the drawing board numbers of times. Each time I revise or edit, it becomes richer. So I think you’ll find our delay worth it.

Watch for the big announcements.

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