Frivolous Friday – New Cats on the Block



Ever hear of a Highland Lynx, a Lykoi, a Cheetoh, a LaPerm or a Donskoy? Well, guess what? They’re all cat breeds. I actually thought breeders were finished developing new cat breeds until seven years ago when I attended a cat show and met a Savannah. This is a handsome very large cat that’s crossed between a domestic cat and a Serval. These active and curious cats can be quite a challenge as a house pet, so it takes a special person to keep one of these cats inside and safe. Some states outlaw the Savannah as a house pet.

The Savannah pictured is Elvis. The owner told me she was having trouble with him escaping from the hotel room because they had lever handles and he could easily pull down on it and open the door.

While checking into some of the newest cat breeds, I came across the Lykoi—werewolf cat.



Learn more about this cat here:

The Highland Lynx is supposedly part wildcat and part domestic. It’s a cross between two hybrids: a Desert Lynx and a Jungle Curl. Many Highland Lynx are polydactyl. They may have long or short hair, wide-set eyes and curled ears. Check them out here:

If you’d like to know more about a LaPerm, Donskoy, Cheetoh, Ojos Azules, Minskin and other designer breeds, here’s an interesting and informative website with pictures:

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