Newsday Tuesday – Cats Cozy Down in Cold Weather

Mousestaying warmHow does your cat keep warm when the weather turns cold?

Mouse, a Catscapades blog follower’s in Arizona, shows us how he cozies down. Here, he has crawled into a sweatshirt that was hanging out near the radiator heater.

I received an adorable attachment the other day, IMG_0577showing cats and dogs in their comfort zones—sharing a shard of sunlight, sleeping curled up together, hugging a space heater (probably one that was either not turned on or turned very low). Most cats will navigate toward a warm body—any body on a cold day. Lily practically never gets in my lap in the summer months. But come winter, she’s curled up with me almost every morning. Sophie, who has a shorter coat, needs lap time every evening even when it’s 100 degrees outside. And this time of year, she cozies up to our radiator heater until the sun comes out and begins shining through the living room window across the floor. Then she and Lily lounge there for a while.

IMG_0583When we were heating with our wood-burning stove for all those years, our, then, four cats all curled up in front of it every morning in winter.

Here’s a tip—when you leave your cats overnight and turn your heating system down (which most of us do when we leave the house), toss heavy blankets, quilts, and such over the chairs and sofas for the cats to cuddle under. They can generate their own body heat in these small spaces and stay warmer. Which is what Mouse is doing in these pictures. Isn’t he adorable?

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