Newsday Tuesday – Why Cats Need a Companion Cat

For those of you who have dogs, there’s another pet food recall. This one’s for Evangers Hunk of Beef. Here’s the scoop:

Lilysophietoy5We explored the concept of having more than one cat last week. Today, I’d like to discuss the benefits of having more than one cat. In my world, two is a purrfect number. Here’s why: When you’re gone, the cats have each other, just in case they would be comforted by another being in their space. And when there are two cats, they’re more inclined to get the exercise they need. Our two—Lily and Sophie—play chase, peek-a-boo, and other games almost every evening. And if they don’t seem in the mood, I’ll give them something to get excited about—newspaper sections folded over like little tents, I’ll bring out toys they haven’t seen in a while, or introduce something entirely new.

Sometimes I’ll sit on the floor with them and wriggle a wand toy. If Lily’s in the mood, I’ll rookietoss wads of paper for her to leap after and chase. Sophie usually sits that activity out. But she will show off her feline speed by racing up and down the hallway.

Some cats happily cozy up to dogs, hamsters, birds, or other types of animals. In my latest Klepto Cat Mystery story, Rags (the cat) enjoys a special relationship with the family horse, Peaches.

Do you find that your cats are happier with another cat in the house? Certainly some cats don’t get along together. Or they tolerate each other–heaven-forbid they play together, but it could happen when you aren’t looking.

Hey, did you watch the Hallmark Channel Kitten Bowl? They showed some toys I haven’t seen before–one was a kitten ball–like a hamster ball and boy did those kittens have fun rolling around inside there.

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