Mindful Monday – Have You Hugged Your Cat Today?

Alyzay and LilyHow do you show your cat affection? Some cat people just can’t keep their lips off an adorable kitty’s little head. It’s the human way of expressing love for our pet. But does this expression come across to your cat as love? Some behaviorists say that when you attempt to kiss your cat, she might recoil—fearing that you’re going to bite her. And most cats certainly don’t like being held in a bear hug.

When conveying affection to a cat, we really should consider what resonates with the cat. How does your cat tell you she loves you? Mostly, by using the head-bump and the body rub. Rubbing her scent all over you is her way of claiming you as her own—marking her territory.

Sure, she responds to your touch—she seems to like to be petted and caressed. Some cats, however, are extremely sensitive to the human touch and will let you know when she’s becoming over-stimulated, or has just had enough.

According to some, cats show love with a slow eye blink. Have you ever noticed your cat MomSmokeysitting across the room or even at your feet staring at you? If you look at her, she may blink. Try blinking slowly at her and see if she returns the show of affection.

I like to think that when Lily curls up in my lap on cool mornings, this is a display of her affection for me. But it could be simply Lily taking care of Lily’s creature comfort needs. When she brings me her stuffed toys, I’m sure it’s her way of showing me how much she loves me. Or is she simply showing off her hunting prowess or trying to teach me how to hunt?

Being human, we often try to personify our cats. It’s in our DNA to treat them like a small furry version of ourselves. In turn, the cat seems to treat us like large, hairless versions of herself. And we sort of meet in the middle and make the relationship work.

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