Frivolous Friday – Even an Author Needs Creative Outlets



You would think that when you write for a living—when you spend every day all day creating stories or even articles—that activity would fulfill any creative urges. However, I’ve been writing for publication for 44 years and I’ve always felt a need to pursue other creative outlets as well. Humans are creative beings. I believe that our sense of creativity is so strong that when someone isn’t creating something useful—using their hands and mind to craft, improve, or produce—they tend to create havoc and disorder.

Some people are of the mindset that being creative means crafting beautiful things. But I believe that human creativity is displayed in the way we live, think, and act—beautiful and not so beautiful. But that’s a concept for another time and place. In fact, I once outlined a book on the topic—couldn’t get a publisher.

Today, I want to talk about the author and his/her need for creative outlets—a change of smokey-004pace and a respite for the brain. First, let’s remember that the author does a lot of sitting. Hours of sitting in the same position is hard on a skeleton. And, while the brain is certainly being exercised, it is being led down the same road, being used in the same way for hours and hours each day. For me, a different creative outlet is vital to the health of my soul and my primary work.

So what creative outlets do I pursue? Something that will challenge my body and my brain in a totally different way and make me smile. I also love to receive a reward for my efforts. Gardening has always been a good outlet for me. I used to pursue needlework. At Christmastime, I did a lot of beading work and hand-sewing. Walking has always been part of my therapy for mind and body and I continue walking today…with a twist. I often carry my camera along. Photography has become a wonderful distraction. In the process, I’m paying more attention to local wildlife, in particular birds. To see some of my fun bird pictures, visit my personal facebook page.

What is your creative outlet? Do you create beautiful things? Treat yourself to uplifting reading or music? Challenge your body and mind in some interesting way—through dance, rowing, swimming, meditation walking, a gym workout, skiing…we all need to be moving, you know.

Remember, you are constantly creating—what is the end result from your efforts?

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