Frivolous Friday – Sunday is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

catsbirdofparadise-034Evidently, veterinarians designated National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day to encourage people to bring in their cats for evaluation a couple of times a year.

Certainly we have questions for our cats—“Why do you do that?” “What do you want?” “What are you thinking?” Do you suppose our cats have similar questions for us? Cats are inquisitive. Sometimes they stare at us as if they are trying to figure us out. So what questions do you think your cat would ask you?

  • Why are you disturbing my nap?
  • What are you eating? Can I have some?
  • What did you bring me?
  • What’s in that box—or on the other side of the door?
  • Where have you been—why do you leave me sometimes?
  • Why are you doing that instead of paying attention to me?
  • Why do you bring strangers in this house?
  • Why do you keep moving my toys?

Here’s a fun site explaining more about cats and suggesting additional questions your cat might want to ask.

Do let us know if you get any answers from your kitty.

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