Frivolous Friday – Do You Judge a Cat by its Color?

Kittens waiting for a home

Kittens waiting for a home

Here are two things I thought I knew about cats: Calicos and tortoiseshell cats are feisty and even a bit ornery. And orange tabbies are docile and sweet. Not only is this incorrect, it’s labeling like this that can ruin a perfectly wonderful cat’s chance at adoption.

I didn’t come by this belief on my own. Statistics show that most people will avoid black cats, even brown cats, and torties, for example, when seeking to adopt a cat. Orange and bi-colored cats are chosen more often.

There are certain personality characteristics applied to certain breeds of cat. Breed is probably a more accurate indication of personality. Persians are quiet and calm. Siamese are active and vocal. Maine coon cats are friendly and smart. But within each of the many cat breeds, there are contradictions.

Some people are attracted to the more active, inquisitive breeds of cats while others prefer Goldiethe lap-cat variety. Some of us just admire certain cat types and colors–lanky, cobby, fluffy, sleek… But that can change over the years.

I’ve always been attracted to cats with luxurious coats. Color didn’t matter much, until I met up with my first calico. I adopted four after her. And I learned firsthand that, indeed, some calicos can be obstinate, but some are dear, sweet, angels. After I saved a Himalayan mix from a kill-shelter years ago, I came to adore cats in cream and brown shades. Katie and Max had coats in this color combination and boy were they two very different kitties.



Lily is my first tabby, but I don’t think she’s necessarily a rubber stamp of tabbies. Tabbies, just like bi-color cats, orange cats, white cats, black cats, and torties, all come with different personalities, energy levels, quirks, habits, and cattitudes.

Do you agree?



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  1. kathy says:

    Iv had two torties my Katie and lil bit and they were different as night and day so you can’t judge a cat by the color of its coat just like a book

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