Thoughts for Thursday – National Feral Cat Day

Kitten 2ullSizeRenderEarlier this month, we featured feral cats in this blog. I want to add more to that topic today. The official National Feral Cat Day was October 16. Alley Cat Allies established National Feral Cat Day in 2001 in order to raise awareness for this country’s enormous number of feral cats and to promote the trap-neuter-return program. Even though there’s one day set aside for feral cat awareness, I urge you to reach out and help feral cats all year long. Here’s a link you should follow for additional information and resources: Here, you’ll find a 010comprehensive directory of organizations formed with the feral cat in mind. Alley Cat Allies is a national organization, but there are also local organizations listed in case you need help with a colony you’ve discovered in your area. If you don’t see a listing for a group in your community, contact Alley Cat Allies. Here are a few organizations in CA: Feral Cat Coalition and Forgotten Felines.

For additional information about feral cats and how to help them, go to:



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