Frivolous Friday – Cats in Unusual Predicaments

Fridgie FryPan checking out the stove.

Fridgie FryPan checking out the stove.

Today I want to share a site featuring some interesting stories about cats who get themselves in pickles—packed in shipping crates, for example. Here you’ll get a peek at the fastest cat, learn about cat burglars (like Rags in my Klepto Cat Mysteries), and cats who rescue their people. Check out here: You’ll smile, you’ll gasp, and you’ll marvel at the amazing creature we honor through this blog—the paw-some cat.

When Lily was a kitten, she rolled herself up in a section of newspaper like a burrito. We alyzaycats-081watched her do it. We laughed at her. But when I realized the poor little thing was stuck, I forgot about grabbing a camera, so we don’t have a picture of this mishap. Maybe you can imagine it. Once she’d finished rolling herself up, her whole body was tightly wrapped—even her front paws. All that showed was her cute little face, which, by now, had a rather frantic expression. I sometimes wonder what she would have done if we weren’t home.

Fortunately, our other cat, Sophie, is a shredder. So maybe she would have eventually chewed that newspaper off of her baby sister kitty and freed her.

We’ve closed Lily in cupboards, not knowing she had climbed inside to explore the pots and pans or baking dishes. We’ve closed her in a closet several times and have learned two things—1: Always leave that closet door open. 2: In case we forget to leave the door open, always check that closet before leaving the house.

Each time I found Lily in the closet, she was just sitting and waiting to be rescued. There was no yowling or even mewing. She wasn’t panicked. She always seemed to be waiting patiently for us to discover her.

What predicaments has your curious cat gotten into?


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