Newsday Tuesday – Every Month Should Be Happy Cat Month

MomSmokeyWe’re still celebrating Happy Cat Month. This event, created by the CATalyst Council and they remind us that a well cared for cat is a happy cat. And a happy cat is a valued cat. How many ways do you value your cat?

Do you value her as a companion to relax with after a busy day? A purring cat by my side can certainly lift my spirits. But did you know that a cat can also lower your stress level? It’s been measured and proven.

Laughter is good medicine and a cat can sure make you smile and even laugh out loud. Why do you think the Internet is filled with cute cat videos and photographs and stories? I read earlier in the year that 1/3 of the videos on the Internet relate to cats.

Some believe that cats are healers. According to Catalyst, a close relationship with a cat can provide a consistent source of comfort and companionship, which proves to be a powerful aid through illness and handicaps. Did you know that the frequency of the average cat purr matches the frequency that promotes healthy bone growth?

I’ve found that the human-cat relationship is like any other—only even more special. You get out of it what you put into it. The more you give, the more you receive. So if your cat hasn’t enticed you to focus on him or her…if you’ve been too busy to sit quietly and enjoy your favorite kitty-cat or even a stray you’ve seen out and about and who doesn’t seem to have anyone, take some time with the cat. You…and the cat this week—the last week of Happy Cat Month…will be glad you did.


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