Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – How I Inadvertently Sabotage My Poor Cats


Sometimes we are our cats’ worst enemy. They probably feel quite unloved when we stuff them in a carrier and haul them to the vet for a lot of poking, prodding, and sticking. And what about those times when we accidentally step on their tail or a paw. Maybe she really does feel worse about it than you do, although that’s debatable. Don’t you just feel awful when that happens? I do.

Well, lately, I’ve made some unforgivable faux pas with poor Lily and Sophie. One busy morning, I neglected to serve Sophie her meal. Bad Mama. Here’s what happened. Sophie let us know a few years ago that she much prefers warm food to food right out of the fridge. She’s trained us to heat up her meal before serving it. Lily has taught us to feed her first—cold, warm, she doesn’t care. But we have to feed her first or she’ll devour Sophie’s breakfast and then mosey over to her own plate. So this particular morning, I put Sophie’s food in the microwave, carried Lily’s food into my office so I could keep an eye on her and I sat down to look at something on the computer. About twenty minutes later, I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and there’s Sophie still sitting patiently…waiting for her breakfast to come out of the microwave. Talk about a guilt trip. I felt awful. Poor patient girl…


This week I inadvertently played a seriously bad joke on the girls. Somehow, I managed to put the cat litter box cover on backwards. I discovered it the next morning—not only was the opening turned to the back of the closet, it was up against the closet wall. There was no way the cats could get inside to take care of business. What was I thinking???

Well, they got the last laugh when I approached the second litter box and found it overflowing with lumps. What a mess. I swear they invited all the neighborhood cats for a water-drinking fiesta and then directed them to the litter box to relieve their full bladders. How could two sweet kitty girls make such a grossly un-dainty mess?

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