Thoughts for Thursday – How to Appease Your Cat

The cat that inspired the book series

The cat that inspired the book series

Yesterday, I shared some of the things I’ve done to upset or otherwise disturb, inconvenience, or bother my cats. Here are some of the things they’ve taught me over the years.

I’ve learned to leave the sliding doors to my closet open a smidge in case one of the cats has slipped inside for a nap or an expedition. I remember to open the blinds in the morning so they don’t have to climb through them for bird-watching. They’ve taught us that when they want attention, they want it NOW and we’d better stop what we’re doing or they’ll cause havoc—dive-bomb the newspaper we’re trying to read, scatter or chew on the manuscript pages I’m working with, trip us as we try to walk away… And as my dad used to say, if you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.

What has your cat taught you?

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