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How many people do you know who dress their pets? I think most of us, when we were kids, if we had access to cats and doll clothes, we attempted to dress the most willing cat we could find. If your experience was like most, you probably got a scratch or two out of it.

Some adults still play dress-up with their pets for a variety of reasons—to keep them warm on a chilly day, to make them stand out from the rest, or just for the pure pleasure of it. Earlier this week, I introduced you to a woman who has created a brand for herself and her cat as the couture cat. She has a blog and she travels with her exquisitely-dressed cat to various pet-related events. She says it’s to create awareness for cat causes.

What kind of cats are most forgiving when it comes to dressing them? I’m not sure there are particular breeds. However, those I’ve seen dressed are of the hairless or short-hair variety. Coco, the couture cat, is a Cornish Rex. In a previous post, we talked about two Sphinx who like to dress up (or who tolerate it).

Where do cat dressers find cat clothing? You might be surprised at how easy it is to find clothes for cats. Check out Coco’s Couture Cat site for a list of designers:

Here are some additional sites with clothes for cats.

If you are so inclined, also check your local PetSmart pet stores and the pet department in any department store.

Here’s a fun site listing 10 reasons to dress up your pet. Don’t miss the CUTE pictures:

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