Newsday Tuesday—Dressing Kitty

Lily and CWA Conf 032Do you dress your cat? Do you know anyone who does? It’s a sweet premise—the scenario of the little girl dressing her kitty and pushing him around in her doll buggy. That wasn’t me or my children. What about you? Did you have a cat who let you dress her as a child?

Once when my Himalayan came home from the groomer (in the days when a bath was the only healthy way to get rid of fleas), she had a tiny blue bow tied to a tuft of fur next to one of her ears. Soooooo cute.

I’ve seen cats at cat shows dressed in exquisite outfits…all coordinated and stylish down to a tiny purse over their arms. Sweet—but kind of weird.

When Lily was a kitten, she adored children. She was interested in everything they sasha 027did—playing blocks, putting puzzles together, sitting and reading, painting, playing inside a tent (a blanket draped over a couple of chairs), etc. One time when a three-year-old granddaughter wanted to play super hero, I made her a cape. She insisted I make Lily one to match.

I thought you’d enjoy viewing some of the sites I found showing cats all dressed up. Enjoy!

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