Frivolous Friday—Don’t Humiliate the Cats

I’m sure Lily and Sophie think of me as the crazy cat lady with a camera. I even have a magnet on my fridge proving it. But the furry girls put up with me anyway.

LilyLickingI’ve had my grandchildren tire of Nana paparazzi. One great granddaughter flat turns her back on me when she sees me coming with my camera. My oldest granddaughter once asked me to please leave my camera in the hotel room when we were visiting her college town. But the cats are usually at least mildly willing to perform for my camera. Here’s a cute shot I got of Lily as she cleaned herself up after lunch yesterday.

Speaking of cat photography I hope you read Bernadette’s comment about photographing black cats on Wednesday. She’s an artist and photographer with a lot of black cats.

In the meantime, would love to see your interesting cat photos and hear about some of your experiences photographing these wonderful beings.

In contrast to Lily’s silly photo, I decided to post one of my favorites of Lily and Sophie.

Lily and Sophie

Lily and Sophie

Sure look like they’ve had experience as run-way models, doesn’t it? Can you see why I couldn’t resist snapping this when I saw the two of them sitting next to the vase of flowers?

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