Bring Your Best Game Thursday–Our Responsibility to Our Cats

This is what I wrote at the end of my book of true cat stories, Catscapades.

Smokey, the inspiration for this series

Smokey, the inspiration for this series

This is not a book to end all books on cats—not by any stretch of the imagination. This is just another pinpoint or dewdrop of stories, conjectures, thoughts, reminiscences and nostalgia about and on behalf of cats. My reason for writing this book is to entertain and educate while honoring some of the incredible felines I’ve had the privilege of knowing and knowing about over the years. I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my kitties and that their stories will endear you even more to your own furkids and those less fortunate kitties in your neighborhood or community that might need your help.

Cats are not all exactly the same. They come in different colors, styles, shapes, personalities, abilities and attitudes. Like humans, they are given varying challenges and gifts in their brief lives. While way too many of them live on their own—they’ve been abandoned, neglected, discarded or otherwise betrayed by humans—many others are lovingly pampered. I believe that every kitty on this planet should live within an aura of love. Let’s make a promise to the felines we know to cherish and protect each and every one of them.

For a professional’s perspective on photographing black cats, read Bernadette’s comment karens-kitties-0211on yesterday’s post. I believe she has only black cats and she photographs them often, as you’ll see at her site:  Scroll down to find several black cats.

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Yes, a permanent family of five, all related, and currently three of my fosters are also black. Thanks!

    And no, my work as a feline artist and writer would be totally dull if all cats were the same.

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