Bring Your Best Game Thursday—Look What You’ve Missed

I’ve been writing this blog for seven years this month. If you’ve just started following it, you’ve missed a lot. You might want to take time to check out some of the other posts.

Winfield Found a Warm Spot

Winfield Found a Warm Spot

Most recently I’ve listed 27 other cozy mystery series with cats. Check them out in the March 4 post. If you’re interested in fascinating facts about felines, visit the March 2 post. For a series of photos showing how relaxed cats can get, don’t miss the one posted February 24. The very first post features my daughter’s brown cat, Fridgie Frypan. Find out how my daughter came to adopt this cat (it’s quite an unusual story of catnapping) and how the rascal got his name. This was posted March 30, 2009.

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