Frivolous Friday—Can Cats Cure Cancer?

crystal_in_uniformObviously, today’s topic isn’t all that frivolous—a cure for cancer in humans and animals is at the top of our medical priority list.

How can our furry friends possibly cure cancer? I have two startling possibilities. One involves the bond between human and feline. People have reported diminished or even dissolved tumors after their beloved cat rested her paw or her body over the affected area.

But there’s a more tangible and more medically-charged cancer cure potential involving cats. And surprisingly, it’s found in their litter boxes. Yes, scientists are actually researching the hope that a parasite found in cat feces could be put to work curing several serious cancers. Here’s the scoop (pardon the pun).

In more personal news, I got word last night that book 2 in my Klepto Cat Mystery series, cat-eye-cover-final-smCat-Eye Witness, won an honorable mention in the huge Los Angeles Times Festival of Books competition. YAY!!! This is a new experience for me because I’ve never been one to enter writing contests. Gotta say, I’m glad I did this time. There’s no money involved—well, except for my outlay of money to attend the gala awards ceremony in Los Angeles next month. But aren’t bragging rights worth something? Certainly they are when it comes to book promotion.

My thanks goes out to those of you who have enjoyed my Klepto Cat Mysteries and who have reviewed them because you are a big part of the success of the series. THANK YOU!

Additionally, I’d like to involve you in an upcoming story. I’ve used ideas people have given me, including some from a nine-year-old granddaughter. You know Rags and his friends. Do you have any neat ideas for an adventure involving this rather creative cat? Let me know. Leave a comment here or email me:

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