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Meowy Monday – International Cat Day

Yes, it’s yet another celebration of cats. Tomorrow, August 8 is International Cat Day (not to be confused with National Cat Day, International Rescue Cat Day, National Dress Your Cat Day and around twenty others) came about in 2002. If … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday – Are You Your Cat’s Favorite Person?

Wednesday we discussed how to become your cat’s favorite person. Most of you reading this already are. Do you remember how that happened? Are there other people in your household? What is their relationship with your cat or cats to … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – Are Cats Misunderstood?

There are new studies out revealing that cats are, perhaps, more attuned to us than we realized. Well, those of us with cats know that some cats are definitely not the typical aloof cats we hear and read about. As … Continue reading

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