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This is our first Thursday blog since I revamped the site and the last day of the year. How many cats do you suppose are going unloved and uncared for this chilly last winter night of 2015? It’s not a pretty picture, no matter which of the wide variety of statistics you read. There are still way too many cats being abandoned, born into dire circumstances, and who die never having known a loving hand or a caring heart.

George wants to know more about the Klepto Cat

Do you turn away when you see a starving or abused animal pictured in those ads on TV? Many of us do. But millions of people also step up to help with donations of supplies or cash and by opening their home to a needy cat or dog.

Did you know that if every household in America opened their homes to an abandoned cat, there would still be a serious overpopulation of homeless cats.

I remember when organizations and individuals began seriously talking about spay-neuter programs and how if every cat owner would spay-neuter, the cat population would become manageable and all cats would be cared for. I remember fearing that cats would become extinct. Just imagine a world without kittens. How dire is that?

However, twenty-thirty-maybe forty years later, the overpopulation of cats seems to have accelerated, rather than diminished and there are even more individuals, organizations, and programs helping.

Kittens waiting for a home

Kittens waiting for a home

If you do nothing else for another being in 2016, why not adopt a needy cat? If you absolutely can’t have one in your home because of allergies, regulations, etc., then donate something useful that will help one or more abandoned, neglected, and even abused cats.

Here are links to directories of organizations you might want to know about:

Check your area for others.

How many cats do you have? How many more can you take in? What are you doing to help? I have joined the two animal organizations this year in honor of my 3 household cats and in memory of those we’ve lost over the years. I’ve also donated to a few more causes that help wild and domestic animals. I challenge you to step up and help, as well.

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