Safety For All Pets During the Holidays

It’s Christmas eve and all of the resident cats are going to be disappointed when they wake

Lily searching for her gift--catnip, maybe?

Lily searching for her gift–catnip, maybe?

up one morning soon and find all the Christmas gifts, which make for wonderfully fun exploration, and the marvelously entertaining tree have all vanished. But for now, they are mesmerized by the ornaments, especially those that resemble cats (there are many of those on our tree). They’re still enjoying diving into gift bags and hiding among the boxes.

Sophie’s driving us crazy. Last year we discovered that she’d been eating the metallic, img_0201crinkle bows after she upchucked a whole lot of blood. She also eats curling ribbon and even hair ribbons. So we gave away all of the ribbon we had and now wrap without it. I did find some sticker bows—that is, 3-D bows printed on adhesive-backed paper. They come just like address labels—on sheets. These are a safe and attractive alternative for us.

We have snipped off any ribbon on in-coming packages, yet still Sophie found a piece, which she tossed up one afternoon. We’ve been extremely fortunate with Sophie kitty, that her dangerous addiction to ribbon and bows hasn’t caused her any serious intestinal problems. Even after the bloody episode, the little tortie didn’t miss a beat. We were a wreck, though, until we knew she was okay.

Please, the season is almost over, but make sure your cats, kittens, and other animals are safe from the many dangers this time of year, including candles, mistletoe, poinsettias, electrical cords, some of your ornaments, tinsel (does anyone use tinsel anymore?), snow-flocking and so much more. We even had a curious cat get tangled around the neck in the handles of a gift bag once.

Have a happy and safe holiday season and make sure your pet does, too. Oh, yes, if you travel with your cat or dog, make sure your cat is in a carrier and your dog should be restrained in a proper harness and seatbelt designed for the particular dog. Here are a couple of links where you can learn more:–travel.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Dog%20Car%20Travel&utm_term=doggie%20seat%20belt&utm_content=Dog%20Seat%20Belts and

There are numbers of others, use keywords, “dog car restraints” to find the one right for your dog.

Stay tuned to this blog as Monday starts a new ongoing program for people who love, admire, put up with, or just tolerate cats. You’ll learn, be entertained, have some ah-ha moments, smile, and even have the opportunity to win prizes.







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