The Purrfect Lie Featured Today

The Purrfect Lie: A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 12Dee, at Book Readers, Mum’s Writings features my latest Klepto Cat Mystery, The Purrfect Lie today at her site. Check it out here:

This book features two interesting mysteries that keep Savannah and Rags (the klepto cat) awake at night. It will keep you awake, too, as you read through the tangles of clues that wind their way around the truth. You’ll crack up when Aunt Margaret calls Savannah and some of their women friends together for a stakeout in the cathouse. Lily, Savannah’s and Michael’s daughter, is almost a year old now and she keeps everyone on their toes. You might think you’re seeing double in this story of intrigue, suspense, and a lot of kitty cat action.

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