Does Your Cat Know Her Name?

Lily talking up the Klepto Cat Mystery books

Lily talking up the Klepto Cat Mystery books

Is your cat confused about her name? Sometimes, when I walk past Lily, reach down and pet her and murmur, “Hi sweet thing,” or “Whatcha doin’ punkin’” or “How’s my pretty girl,” she gives me a rather puzzled look. I got to thinking that maybe she doesn’t know what her name is.

Maybe she thinks she’s “punkin’ noodle doodle,” “cutie patootie,” or “precious.”

However when I call out “Lily” at meal or treat time, she’s quick to show up. So maybe she isn’t having an identity crisis.

Now that I think about it, she appears even when I call Max or Sophie. So perhaps she’s confused. Or, she doesn’t want to miss out on any food or treats that might be handed out. She even runs on scene when I’ve enticed Max onto my lap for a nail trimming session or to be groomed. These are events she’d rather not participate in, but she sure enjoys watching us “torture” the other cats.

What do you think, does your cat know his/her name? Do your cats come when you call them?

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