Lily in the Limelight

046We had a new photo session with Lily yesterday and she was such a good girl. I was told that my publicity photo with Lily kitty with the Christmas tree behind us needed to be updated. So we took a bunch of new photos for book covers and promotional material. I’d share one here, but my system says the file’s too big and I can’t use it here. Darn!

Lily was amazing. Ruth spends her days photographing all types of animals at animal shelters now in hopes that the sweet photos will entice more adoptions. And she said she’s never known a cat to be as cooperative as Lily was yesterday. She said she was better than most dogs.

We talked earlier this month about communicating with cats using mind talk (remember Daisy and the Cat Carrier Caper?). I did have a picture in my mind of how I wanted Lily to perform and that afterward, she would get lunch. Is that what caused her to be so accommodating? In my world, cats usually do the opposite of what they think you want, right?

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