Feline Fun Friday— National Catio Day

Are you taken aback by the number or cat-related “holidays”? I am. Here’s a new one on the books, established just last year: Today is National Catio Day. Why? Apparently this is to bring awareness to an alternative to allowing cats to roam.

Not only are there a lot of dangers outside a home for cats, but roaming cats also are a danger to birds and other wildlife.

According to the CatTipper site, there are at least 175 cat-related holidays now—12 for March. In fact March 14-21 is Pet Theft Awareness Week.

As for a catio for your cats. It can be a small alcove built into a window of your house—like a garden window for cats or a quite elaborately designed area complete with an overhead screened in tunnel where the cats can meander through your orchards or gardens with drop down options into enclosed rooms where the cat can romp through grass and chase butterflies and curl up in a sun puddle.

You can build your own catio creation or purchase a smaller ready-made catio to install either as part of your house or outside of it.

If you’ve ever considered a catio for your cats, maybe today is the day to start creating the purrfect design. Do you already have a catio? Would love to see pictures

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