Paws Up for Wednesday – World Spay Day

I cannot understand why in this day and age, with so many cats being abandoned and left to fend for themselves and so many being euthanized every year, why cat owners do not have their cats neutered/spayed. But the evidence (of so many feral and sheltered cats and euthanized cats) shows that still way too many people are not getting it!!! They don’t understand that we have created a crisis situation among cats worldwide. There are not enough people to care for the number of cats that need care. The simple answer is to spay and neuter your cats.

I was shocked to see that the sweet orange tabby that’s been hanging around our yard—bird-watching, mostly—is an intact male. Dang. And I have not been able to find out who he belongs to. He’s a gorgeous cat and looks healthy, but someone is certainly falling down on their responsibility to keep this cat safe and to be proactive in the future of hundreds of unwanted kittens. That’s not taking responsibility for your pet.

I’ll keep looking for his owner and maybe even intervene. It is World Spay Day, after all.

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