Feline Fun Friday — Does Your Cat Have a Favorite Way of Cuddling?

I’d known enough cats in my life to realize a cat-is-not-a-cat, is-not-a-cat. They come in different sizes, colors, styles and purr-sonalities. This is true in the way the cat interacts with you, plays, eats, sleeps, and even snuggles. Some cats won’t snuggle at all, but they will sit close. What is close? While one cat might need to push up against you as you sit on the sofa, another might be happy as a lark simply sitting or lying at your feet.

I’ve had cats that needed to be in the middle of whatever I was doing—typing, reading, cooking… And some of my cats just needed to touch a paw on me. Katy never curled up in my lap. She would sleep curled up around my head on my pillow at night or sit next to me with one paw on my leg.

Lily was always in my lap unless there wasn’t room—I had a book or a tablet in my hands, then she would sit or lay at my feet—always close. And she always slept up against me at night.

Olivia is a bit aloof at times and demanding at other times. She’s either hiding out or she’s purring in my lap. Some cats like certain lap-feels. Olivia prefers that I’m wearing my plush robe for our cuddles or that I toss a blanket over my lap before she jumps up.

I love those cuddle-times with her, but they don’t last long. Soon she’s off playing with her basket of toys and climbing around on her cat tree, trying to engage me in a wild game of toss-the-toys and watch-me-play, jump, climb the walls.

How does your cat cuddle-snuggle?


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