Paws Up for Wednesday — NEW Klepto Cat Mystery

Yes, I’m still cranking them out. The latest Klepto Cat Mystery is now available at in both print and Kindle.

Title: Rags Claws for Clues

Description: Rags crusades for cats and kids.

In this lively story the Iveys’ neighborhood is experiencing incidents of petty theft. Cats and kids are the suspects. A few miles away at a cat sanctuary, cats are being exploited and maybe mistreated. Is there a connection between the two? Only Rags knows, but he isn’t talking until a cat whisperer gets his attention and listens to what he has to say. Follow along as Rags digs up some dirt and reveals what could become his most important treasure yet.

Reader Reviews

“I love this woman’s books. They’re fun and they’re funny. She has a real gift for bringing a scene to life, and her character development is great.”

“There hasn’t been a book yet that hasn’t kept me on the edge of my seat and laughing out loud.”

“I love Rags and his human family.”

“There’s never a disappointment in Rags mysteries.”

“This is an awesome series.”


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