Paws Up For Wednesday – Black Cat Appreciation Day–Famous Black Cats

Tomorrow is Black Cat Appreciation Day, and who doesn’t appreciate a lovely black cat? I saw one yesterday while out walking that I would love to have picked up and snuggled with—a beautiful long-hair cat—just enjoying the early morning sun rays.

Black Cat Appreciation Day was launched in 2011 to honor a black cat and the woman who loved him. Here’s a site with interesting information about black cats and how to celebrate this holiday with your own cats.

In case you didn’t know, there are quite afew very famous very black cats–there’s Felix the Cat, of course and you might know about Cole of Marmalade and Cole on the internet, but did you know about Gladstone? He’s the chief mouser in the treasury of the United Kingdom since 2016.

Oscar is a bionic black cat who walks around on blades since he lost his paws in an accident.

Trim accompanied Mathew Finder on his expedition of the entire south coast of Australia. Homer is a blind wonder cat who even, without eyes, managed to save lives. There’s a best selling book about Homer.

There are scads more articles about black cats online and interesting facts about black cats, including popular myths and how they originated.

Today, seek out a lovely black cat and embrace it—whether it is your own, a neighbor’s or in a shelter near you.Let’s celebrate black cats today–we’ve all known one or more.

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2 Responses to Paws Up For Wednesday – Black Cat Appreciation Day–Famous Black Cats

  1. Angela says:

    I had a beautiful petite long haired black cat. Not very original but her name was Shadow. I only got to enjoy her for 7 yrs. Her mother had distemper, so Shadow developed wobbly cat syndrome. anyone unfamiliar your cat has no balance. think what your cat would look and act like if she was extremely drunk. It got bad enough that I had to let her go. She consistently fell off things, the biggest problem with that was she loved to climb as high as she could get. I lost her 6 yrs ago and still miss her.
    Reading this I hope the importance of getting your cats (any pet) their shots in a timely manner. Had her mother not had distemper Shadow may have been a normal cat with a long life & healthy life.

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