Paws Up for Wednesday – Cats and Kids/Kids and Cats

Don’t you love seeing pictures of kids loving their cats? There are videos all over the internet showing toddlers gleefully hugging, napping with, or playing with their cats. Is there anything cuter?

Just this week my grand-niece shared a photo of her eighteen-month old girl and a cousin loving on a big old cat. And the cat seemed to be enjoying the moment as much as little Lacey and her cousin were.

Here’s a picture I adore of a granddaughter gleefully getting to know our kitten, Lily. Oh my! She and Lily became great friends after this squeeze. Lily followed her around everywhere—into her makeshift tent, while she played with our collection of wooden blocks, while she ate. Lily was always by her side.

You probably have stories to tell of your children with cats. I hope you took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately many of the images we enjoyed are stuck in our head—cameras weren’t as readily available for sweet and humorous moments as they are today.

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