Meowy Monday – Summer Products for Cats

In most areas lately it’s Hot-Hot-Hot. We’re feeling it and our pets are feeling it. While an animal’s natural coat is designed to protect her in varying temperatures, we still need to offer a little help with their grooming. So for winter and summer and every season in between, find a brush or comb or other grooming tool that works best for your cat and use it. This time of year your cat is shedding and you want to get the loose fur out of her coat to keep it from becoming mats, which are much harder and more uncomfortable to remove from a long-hair cat. It may take a while to find the right grooming tools for your cat’s particular type of fur. Then there’s the matter of convincing your cat to allow the grooming. I just watch for the right moment and take advantage. Sometimes a grooming session will take all day as you get just brief moments of cooperation. Take what you can get folks. It’s important for your long-hair cat as well as your short-hair cat. Use a fine-tooth grooming comb on your shorthair cat and you might be astounded at the amount of soft undercoat you’ll comb out.

Other summer products available for cats include water fountains. If your cat isn’t drinking from a fountain yet, consider getting her one. Cats love them.

There are a wide variety of cooling mats for pets. There are no guarantee as to whether she’ll use it, but just imagine how comfortable she’ll be if she does.

A raised cat bed might be the answer for a cat who likes her bed, but finds it too hot this time of year. I saw some online that are mesh, so the air circulates around the cat. Comfy.

Maybe this is a good time to harness and leash train your cat so she can enjoy the cool mornings and evenings out of doors with you occasionally.

And don’t forget to keep enough treats and toys on hand to keep your cat happy and active. Besides, you know how much your cat will enjoy playing in the box the item comes in.


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