Feline Fun Friday –Are You in Tune With Your Cat?

What have you and your cats done for fun, lately? Have you or your fluffy-pants-kittycome up with any new and interesting activities to do together? As I mentioned Monday, I’ve been having to take more breaks than usual to help a wrenched back heal. Olivia was confused at first to see me sit down at odd times of the day or get up in the night to ice my back or put heat on it. She’d sit across the room and just stare at me when I needed her healing touch the most.

Finally she decided to take advantage of the opportunity for a cozy lap and extra petting and she is milking it for all she can. I am, too. I love having her company as I try to behave myself and rest. She’s even letting me pet her plush tummy at times. And I’m sure that her presence and closeness is healing.

Olivia is her own cat and she likes to keep us guessing. One thing she is not is a good eater. I weigh her often to make sure she’s keeping her weight and she is, but she’s not typically a fan of canned cat food—or cooked chicken. (Yes, I’ve even tried cooking for her.) But she’s not consistent. Sometimes she runs from me when she sees me coming with a plate of canned food. Or she’ll sneak up on it and sniff it, then walk away. One morning this week I fixed her a plate and went looking for her. “Olivia—Sassy-Pants, where are you? Mommy has your yummy breakfast.”

I didn’t hear a mew or a purr. I couldn’t find her in all the usual places until I walked into the living room and there was her pert self sitting up tall and eager at her usual eating spot waiting for me to serve her feast. Yup, she ate every bite.

Cats can be creatures of habit and unpredictable all at the same time. Do you agree? And those little fur beings make us all kinds of happy.

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