Meowy Monday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mystery Factory?

Many of you have already read the latest Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mysteries—Book 63, “Rags Shutters a Crime,” and Book 14, “Olivia and the Door-Dash Cats.” The comments I’m getting are positive and fun. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my stories.

“Will there be more?” people ask. “When will the next one be out?” The answer is, “Yes,” and “Soon.”

Book 64 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries is back from the editor. I’m almost finished with my final edits, then I’ll proof the formatted hard copy. Oh the things you see when you put the manuscript in a different form. After that the book goes to the formatter for the ebook, then we publish. I’d say Book 64 could be ready for you to read around my birthday—I love publishing on my birthday—a gift to me as well as to you.

So watch for an announcement around June 20. Where will this story take you? Oh my—in so many surprising directions. Even my editor, who has read/edited/proofed so many of my books was surprised at what I did with this story.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on Book 15 of the Calico Cat Mysteries—Olivia’s stories. This one is full of light and fun—oh yes, there’s a mystery woven throughout as Olivia flaunts her cuteness and cleverness. I predict we’ll have that one ready for readers around mid July. By then, of course, I’ll have Book 65 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries in the works. See why I call my operation a “factory?”

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