Feline Fun Friday – Cats Everywhere—Everywhere Are Cats

Each of my great-grandchildren, at some point when they come to my house begin to notice a theme in my life. Cats. When they turn two, they look around and point, “Cat!” they shout with glee. It doesn’t take them long to find another, then another. At Nana’s house there are cats on shelves, tables, fabric, calendars, pillows, photographs, book covers, cards on display, in frames, even on my mouse pad. My screen cleaner is a cat, so is my key holder, outdoor stepping stones and garden ornaments and so forth.

As the children get older, they start counting the cats they see in and around my house. Soon they begin helping their folks pick out gifts and cards for Nana—always with a cat, of course.

If you could guess, how many cat-related things do you have in your house? I’ve never had quite enough time to count mine, but I can tell you they all count. I never tire of looking at my cat things, watching cat videos, photographing cats, admiring neighborhood cats, and of course spending time with Olivia.


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