Paws Up For Wednesday – New Calico Cat Mystery

Olivia and the Mountain Cats

In this story Olivia reaches new heights to rescue stranded cats.

An afternoon hike turns into a difficult cat rescue operation for Olivia, Archie and their people. Parker and Jag struggle to meet the unexpected challenges of a mountain rescue while striving to leave no cat behind. In this story Olivia reveals the identity of a killer, she helps a melancholy horse become reunited with a most unlikely friend, she saves someone from a poisonous snake, and she helps track down several lost and frightened cats. Along the way a young man learns to see the heart of a cat which becomes a life-changing moment for him and for a cat in desperate need of help.

Reader Reviews

“I always love the Olivia mysteries.”

“Any book written by Patricia Fry is a sure keeper.”

“This is an awesome series.”

“This series never disappoints.

“These books are very high on the enjoyment factor.”

“This is a phenomenal series.”

“Absolutely riveting.”

“Olivia is awesome.”

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2 Responses to Paws Up For Wednesday – New Calico Cat Mystery

  1. Pearl Hilden says:

    Just finished enjoying Olivia’s latest adventure. What a heartwarming story that always touches my ❤️

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