Paws Up for Wednesday—What’s Happening in the Cat Mystery Factory?

It’s been a great year for the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mysteries. We published 13 books this year—7 Calico Cat Mysteries and 6 Klepto Cat Mysteries, which means we’re producing books at more than one per month.

As a bonus we came out with a new Christmas story. This is my 4th Christmas story in the Klepto Cat Mystery series, and some say it is the BEST. Be sure to read Rags Rocks Christmas. I think you’ll be glad you did.

So what’s happening this first month of 2023? The print version of Book 61 in the Klepto Cat Mysteries is ready to go to press. We’re waiting for the formatting process to be completed for the Kindle version. Watch for our announcement probably late next week.

Meanwhile I’m working on Book 12 of Olivia’s stories—the Calico Cat Mysteries. This one has an interesting surprise

Yes, we’re moving right along just as Rags’s and Olivia’s fans like it.

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