Feline Fun Friday – Cats in Cars

Most household cats have experienced the dreaded car ride. Not all cats hate car rides, but for most cat owners who must take their cat to the veterinarian or who move to a new location with a cat struggle physically and emotionally with issues around transporting their cat.

Grandma used to take her cats to the vet in a pillowcase. Most of us now use a cat carrier to keep our cats contained and safe and from under foot while you’re driving.

But there are other ways to contain your cat. One cat owner put her cat in her child’s car seat and the results were amazing. I can’t imagine any cat I’ve ever had agreeing to this mode of travel, but this cat seems to be in the zone in this seat. Check it out!


If you need to transport a cat that hates to travel, there are some safe options. Here are some more cat-friendly carriers designed for cats. https://excitedcats.com/best-cat-carriers-for-car-travel/

And what about car seats—designed for cats and small dogs? In these cases, you’ll want to train your cat to a harness so you can secure her in the seat. https://www.thedodo.com/dodowell/cat-car-seat

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