Feline Fun Friday – Is Your Cat Bored?

There are days when Olivia is the perfect writer’s cat. She hangs out with me part of the day—lounging on my desk, cuddling in my lap, batting toys around my office. Later, she might, go off and takes a nap. After working hours we meet up on the living room and we cuddle, we play, and she entertains us with her antics. Other days, like one day this week, she does everything she can to get me out of my office. She lures me into some of her favorite games. If I don’t do things her way she becomes very vocal. Who can work with a cat yammering in your ear? Yup, she usually gets her way.

What is the answer to calming a vocal cat when you’re trying to concentrate on something other than the cat? There are things we can do to keep our cats mentally and physically sharp and also busy. Here are a few:

Cats are good at playing alone. They go into their little world and entertain themselves, but there are times when they crave human companionship—someone to play with them. Create games you can play together using some of your cat’s favorite toys and way of playing. Olivia loves to chase her chew sticks and other things that slide up and down the uncarpeted hallway.

Arrange a place at a window where your cat can watch birds and animals and other types of activity out of doors. Build a window perch or purchase one.

I tip Olivia’s cat tree over sometimes and move her tunnel tubes around for stimulation. I’ll hide toys or treats inside. She seems to enjoy the new challenges.

I also dig out toys she hasn’t seen in a while—scatter them throughout the room or the house for added interest.

Catnip is a good distraction for most cats.

Create an outdoor run or pen for the indoor cat. There are a lot of DIY ideas and also readymade models you can purchase.

Give your cat unusual items to play with—Olivia likes empty plastic water bottles, lids off of containers, the plastic strap that secures lids on certain products.

Create tents and tunnels from blankets, sheets, newspapers. Cats like to hide out.

Teach your cat to walk on a leash so you can enjoy the out of doors together.

Hide food or treats so your cat can go on a treasure hunt.

What are some of the things you do to entertain your cat?

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  1. Pearl Hilden says:

    We have a near-20 pound female cat named Kiko. She is really an indoor cat, but likes to go out into the backyard from time to time. She becomes extremely vocal as she walks to the patio door to let us know she wants out. She stays very close in the backyard and will usually come in when called. She is more like a dog than a cat and gets along very well with our male bichon/poodle mix dog. However, she and Little Kitty are never to be friends! Two females in the house is not a good mix in our home.
    Sending our best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and to Miss Olivia!

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